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购买须知 | Buy Notice



购买方式 域名交易平台直接 点击购买(手续费:家支付   域名中介机构担保购买 (手续费:买家支付
Purchase method:  domain name transaction website purchase (handling fee: seller pays), if you have Chinese ID card and Alipay, you can use RMB to quickly purchase domain name.  domain name intermediary website secured transaction (handling fee: buyer pays), if you are not Chinese, it is recommended to use the world's most popular website Escrow.com to securely guarantee the transaction domain name.

价格时效因受域名价格行情、投资者成本逐年叠加、人民币汇率、其他客户 提前预定等因素,域名价格均会不定期上浮,且不作为日后询价依据。
Limited time sale:
 The price of the domain name will also rise due to fluctuations in the price of the domain name, the annual increase in the cost of our investors, changes in the RMB exchange rate, other customers' advance reservations, and so on. Buyers cannot use the current price as the basis for purchasing domain names in the future.

About invoice: If you need a Chinese domain name transaction invoice, you need to pay an additional 15% of the transaction amount.

购买合同买家通过域名交易平台一口价或带价PUSH交易的域名, 交易平台均有交易协议和网站记录,可作为交易合同,安全又快捷。通过域名中介机构担保交易的域名,中介公司网站 均有相应的电子协议可直接作为交易合同,或向域名中介机构申请相应的纸质域名交易合同。
Purchase contract: purchase a successful domain name through the domain name transaction website. The domain name transaction website has an electronic version of the transaction agreement and the website record can be used as a domain name transaction contract, which is safe and fast. By purchasing a successful domain name through a domain name intermediary website, the intermediary website has an electronic version of the transaction agreement that can be used as a domain name transaction contract.

Purchase problem: If you encounter problems before and after the transaction, please contact us directly, or you can contact the official website staff of the domain name transaction website or domain name agency website.



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